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Inspection and replacement of sparking plugs

Please replace sparking plugs every 300 hours or every one year. Replacing sparking plugs has the following advantages:

Ensuring continuous sparks more reliable to start more fuel-efficient

It is crucial to choose suitable sparking plugs for engines, and it is recommended to use F7RTC sparking plugs or that of the same grade.

1、Remove sparking plug cap and get rid of the sundries around it.
2、Remove sparking plug with equipped sparking plug carriage wrench
3、Clear the carbons fouled sparking plug with gablock and clear the sundries on the sparking plug with brush.
4、Check whether the sparking plug electrode is ablated. If it is ablated, the sparking plug shall be replaced.
5、Check the clearance of sparking plug by feeler gauge and adjust the clearance of sparking plug to 0.7-0.8mm.
6、Check the sealing gasket on sparking plug, If it is seriously distorted or broken, it shall be replaced.
7、Check sparks: manually start engine and check the color of sparks. The sparks shall be blue and white.
8、When tightening the spark plug, tighten the sparking plug into place by hand and then tighten up it by sparking plug carriage wrench.


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