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Inspection and replacement of engine oil

Inspection of engine oil

Check engine oil and oil level everyday before operation
1、When checking engine oil, the machine shall be stopped and be placed on a horizontal plane.
2、Loosen engine oil dipstick and wipe it clean.

3、Insert engine oil dipstick into oil filler opening,
     but do not tighten it up. Check whether the oil level is between the upper scale and lower scale. If the engine oil level is too low, engine oil shall be filled to required oil level.

4、Re-insert the oil dipstick and tighten it.


Replacement of engine oil

To reach the desired effect, engine oil of your small engine shall be replaced after 25 hours or after one month after its first use, and it shall be replaced every 50 hours or every 3 months afterwards.

1、Preheat the engine for 2-3 minutes and stop the engine. Warning: ensure that the sparking plug wire has been disconnected and keep it far away from sparking plug to prevent accidental starting. Clean around the oil filler opening and oil drain cock and prevent dirt and scrap to fall into crankcase (as shown on the right diagram).

2、Place a can for oil under the engine.
3、Loosen and remove oil drain bolt and drain the engine oil.
4、Pull the starter by hand for several times to help drain all the residual oil.
5、Put back the oil drain bolt and tighten it.


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